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Sugar Land, TX, Outdoor Living Delights Await You

Life is good in Sugar Land, TX. The city has come a long way from being a sugar plantation and then a company town for Imperial Sugar. Today Sugar Land is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas and still has a growing residential real estate market. With so much to do in and around Sugar Land, residents are never at a loss for recreation and entertainment. From concerts and family movies on the Town Square, watching Skeeters baseball games at Constellation Field and enjoying the trails through Sugar Land Memorial Park along the Brazos River, Sugar Landers stay active!

At home, Sugar Land residents know how to relax in their outdoor living spaces, and they know how to entertain outdoors, too. It’s not unusual to find Sugar Land homes with a large patio, an outdoor kitchen and a deck. Somewhere among these combination outdoor living spaces you’ll likely find a pergola, too.

At Archadeck of Southwest Houston, we refer to these combination spaces as deluxe outdoor living spaces. The deck with a hot tub and privacy wall, the patio with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit, the covered patio with an outdoor fireplace and a special area for watching TV … Sugar Landers know how to live well at home, too.

Patio Essentials—When You Can’t Choose Just One

Texas patios keep getting bigger but designers know a large, flat space must be envisioned as a series of zones. You may want a portion of your patio covered and part in the sun so you can enjoy your day no matter what the weather brings. Set aside an area for a large dining table and chairs for entertaining or a scaled-down family dining area for just your bunch. Given the way even a brief rain can ruin a dinner, you’d best put the main dining table in the covered patio area. Offer a smaller table in the open area for days when you welcome the sun’s warmth. Lounge chairs with small side tables for beverages will serve many purposes: sun worshipping, relaxing with friends and a bottle of wine or reading the new bestsellers. For visual interest, a multi-level patio with a simple step down to the next seating area is a winning design.

Patio Styling—How Will You Select Your Patio Materials?

Sugar Land patio builder Archadeck of Southwest Houston will not leave you to face that decision alone. The choices may seem overwhelming so you’ll need to make some basic decisions before you move on to shape and colors. Natural stone? A paver patio? Stamp and stain concrete? Start by considering which of these patio styles will best complement the style of your home. We will help you weigh the pros and cons of each patio material based on their range of colors, durability and cost. Archadeck’s design consultant will show you an array of options and help you determine which patio material is right for your home.

Archadeck of Southwest Houston is the preferred builder of custom outdoor living structures in the Sugar Land area. Whether you are looking to build a new deck or patio, add an outdoor kitchen or expand your outdoor living space, we can work with you to design the outdoor living space of your dreams. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at (713) 766-1896 or email us at [email protected].

The Outdoor Kitchen—Keep it Simple or Go Big?

Just as indoor kitchens vary in terms of how many appliances and work areas they include, the outdoor kitchen can be simple or can feature every available appliance. Archadeck of Southwest Houston recommends you consider this decision carefully. However, as Sugar Land’s outdoor kitchen builder, we know it’s hard to anticipate those needs. If you start with a smaller outdoor kitchen and realize you need more, we can help you take it to the next level. From a simple grill and smoker to a combination of grill, smoker, griddle, deep fryer, pizza oven, sink, refrigerator, freezer, warming drawer, storage and food prep area—kitchens can get complicated! We can work with you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Hardscapes—Finish Your Patio and Outdoor Kitchen with More

As your outdoor living space designer, Archadeck of Southwest Houston doesn’t just build a patio and outdoor kitchen, first we design them. We consider the way they will work together and with other elements to create a cohesive, inviting space. Sometimes a patio cries out for additional hardscape components. A seating wall adds definition to the space in addition to providing extra seating. Stone pillars anchoring a seating wall on each end offer the perfect spot to display a planter or decorative antique lantern. A fire pit is more than a fire pit when it’s part of a larger hardscape design. Suddenly it’s a design element and a conversation area.

Decks and Patios—Try One of Each!

Instead of trying to decide whether your family would get more use out of a deck or a patio, consider combining the two for a deluxe outdoor living space. If your patio is covered for shade and protection from rain, the deck could provide that open-to-the-sky feeling you sometimes crave. With today’s low-maintenance composite decking’s promise of no splinters, a deck might be the best place for the little ones to crawl around outdoors. Do you have a two-story home? Consider a second-story deck overlooking your patio and outdoor kitchen combination. Sugar Land deck builder Archadeck of Southwest Houston can design a deck that adds function and style to your outdoor living area.

The Pergola—A Decorative and Functional Amenity

Pergolas work so well on patios and decks it seems like every outdoor structure should have at least one. Pergolas can be ornate or simple, and we can design a pergola to provide more shade or less shade, depending on your preference. Besides providing some shade, a pergola is a large visual cue that can help define your outdoor living space.

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