6 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Areas for Staycation Fun This Summer!

Archadeck of Southwest Houston asks, Could Your Back Yard Be a Vacation Paradise?

Vacation/Staycation! Archadeck of Southwest Houston wants to help you make the most of the outdoors at home this summer. With the right mindset and preparation, you can have the relaxing and invigorating break you need without leaving home. Wind down from the school year and wind up for summer outdoor fun!

Want an outdoor living space that supports the activities your family loves? As your Houston patio and deck builder we suggest 6 ways to maximize your outdoor living areas for staycation fun:


Whether you have a patio or deck, or a combination of the two, setting up entertaining zones requires looking at your space with the eye of an outsider. Think of hotels or resorts you’ve visited, or perhaps a friend’s backyard space where you felt like you were on vacation. When you look around your outdoor living areas, do you have several zones where people (including you) can relax or be entertained?


Be sure to have more than one entertaining zone.

You can establish entertaining zones in several ways. Arrange your outdoor furniture into what interior designers call conversation areas. A few chairs grouped around a cocktail table. Chairs positioned near the grill or smoker so guests can visit with the chef. Bar stools lining a high counter under your pergola or patio cover. Comfortable chairs around a dining table. The key here is to have more than one entertaining zone. Be sure to mount an outdoor TV in one of the covered zones. That way nobody has to forego outdoor fun to watch the big games live on TV.

Find creative ways to define your zones or conversation areas.

Grouping furniture is the easiest way to create zones, but what if your space is smaller and doesn’t accommodate more than a couple of furniture groupings? You can also use an outdoor rug to create the effect you want with less furniture. Archadeck of Southwest Houston can create a patio “rug” design by inserting an area of pavers or contrasting stones to mimic the look of a rug. You can also use container gardens, rectangular planters, and pergolas to define your zones.


What outdoor living areas do you currently have? What structures do you need to add to make your home feel like the resorts you’ve visited? Does your concrete patio need to be refreshed with a new stain-and-stamp design? If your patio has seen better days, now is the time to remove it and start fresh with a new patio. Consider adding a patio cover over a portion of your space so you always have a shade option on sunny days.

Dazzle your guests with an outdoor kitchen or bar.

Nothing goes better with a patio than an outdoor kitchen and all the trimmings. A high backsplash on the back of an outdoor kitchen counter makes an excellent area where you can pull barstools up to the higher side. If you don’t have room for a full outdoor kitchen, what about a simple bar area? All you need is a bit of counter space, a sink, a refrigerator, and a freezer or cooler for ice. Patio designer and builder Archadeck of Southwest Houston can custom design a kitchen or bar area in perfect proportion to your outdoor space.


You may not need to add space for relaxing, entertaining, and watching TV outdoors if you already have room for those areas. Do you need to clean them up and make them more inviting? Could they be more comfortable? We’re still thinking in terms of zones here, and the focus now is on using space you already have. Trim overgrown shrubs or trees intruding into the space on your patio or deck. Pressure wash the patio if winter or spring weather has left residue.

Contain outdoor equipment and paraphernalia.

If gardening equipment has found a home on your patio, either move it out of sight or box it up right there. The easiest fix is to add bench seating that’s sufficient to double as containers for your equipment and tools. Painted bright colors and covered with matching cushions, these storage containers can enhance your entertaining zones rather than detract from them.

Address drainage problems to make your outdoor space more inviting.

If you have that one spot on or near your patio that always collects water, you have a drainage problem. Be sure to call a Houston patio expert like Archadeck of Southwest Houston to take a look at this. A professional patio installer will know how to eliminate the problem. Would a nice resort allow this condition to stand? Your staycation deserves no less attention to detail than your favorite resort receives each and every day.


An outdoor fire feature will draw the attention of family members and guests surer than anything else. Hardscape designer Archadeck of Southwest Houston can create a winning patio design with as much fire as you want – either wood-burning or gas-burning. We can add a custom fire pit or fireplace to an existing patio with pavers or stonework to complement your current patio materials. Never underestimate the power of fire to create a relaxation zone and a conversation zone. Arrange comfortable seating with access to the fire. We can also create a low seating wall of stone or pavers facing your fire feature.


Nothing works better than a pergola in your outdoor living space to draw the eye upward. Guess what else comes into view when you look up … the sky. No matter how large or small your patio or deck, adding a pergola will add dimension and will infuse your outdoor zones with a feeling of more space.

Archadeck of Southwest Houston designs and builds pergolas that are both ornamental and functional. While most pergolas provide partial shade, a covered pergola can provide even more shade. A pergola also provides a place to hang a ceiling fan for a much-needed breeze and lighting for nighttime use.

In the daytime, any plants or trees visible from your entertaining zones will draw the eye out across your yard and increase the feeling of spaciousness. Adding focal points in the yard will also contribute to that effect. Your deck and patio will feel larger than they really are.


Adding bright spots of color creates a sense of movement and again makes your outdoor living space seem larger than it is. You can easily use pillows and cushions for this purpose as well as placemats and glassware on tables. Add colorful flowers in your container gardens and planters. For temporary use of color, you can bring inside items outdoors to create the décor you want there. Take on the role of an interior decorator for your outdoor living space. If this is not your strong suit, ask a friend or hire a design specialist to create inviting conversation areas with accents in your favorite color scheme.

How can we help you turn your back yard into your own personal resort where you can relax and entertain effortlessly? We can design and build new outdoor structures for you or expand those you currently have to enhance and complement your existing outdoor space. Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

Houston’s Love Affair with Low-Maintenance Decks

If your wooden deck is worn out and reaching the end of its useful life, listen carefully to the call of the low-maintenance deck. Can you hear it?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret not many people know about the Houston area. Outdoor living in Houston is not just about covered patios and pool surrounds. For all the talk about pavers versus stain-and-stamp concrete versus natural stone and tile, we also have our share of deck lovers around here. Are you one of them?

As Houston’s suburban neighborhoods have matured, and the original decks need replacing, homeowners are faced with one overarching question: Do I really want another wood deck?

As your Houston deck builder, Archadeck of Southwest Houston suggests you give this question some thought. If you purchase a new wood deck, you will be making a 15- or 20-year deck maintenance commitment.

Are You Up for Another 15-20 Years of Deck Maintenance?

A typical wood deck should last a good 15-20 years – if you follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Cleaning and sanding. Staining and sealing. Year after year. It’s a lot of work, and you can still get splinters. Whether you do the work yourself or pay a deck-cleaning service, you’re investing time and money in this annual ritual.

Synthetic and composite decking materials like those from TimberTech and Trex have the power to release you from wood deck maintenance forever. You may have heard that these wood alternatives are more expensive than wood. Up front, they usually are more expensive, but …

Weighing the Long-term Cost of a Low-Maintenance Deck

It’s true a low-maintenance deck is initially more expensive than a wood deck (with the exception of exotic hardwoods … but that’s another story). If you compare the cost of composite decks and synthetic decks to those made of pressure-treated pine, cedar, or redwood, then wood decks are more economical up front.

For a true comparison, though, you need to factor in the maintenance costs over the expected life of a wood deck. You can expect a pressure-treated pine deck to last about 15 years and cedar or redwood deck to last about 20. We’re assuming you perform all the recommended maintenance. The wood maintenance chores not only keep your deck looking good; without them it wouldn’t last that long.

Add the cost of 15-20 years of maintenance to the price of your new wood deck. Then, in 15-20 years, you will need to start all over again because that deck will need to be replaced – or at least redecked. Meanwhile, your neighbor paid a premium for a low-maintenance deck. The annual maintenance costs are … $0. The deck lasts … 25-50 years, depending on the specific materials selected. Who paid more?

Benefits of Owning Houston Low Maintenance Decks

Here are The Top 5 Reasons our clients who opted for a synthetic or composite low-maintenance deck made that decision. (Please provide your own drum roll sound effects … )

1. We loved having a wide array of colors to choose from.

2. We don’t want our children to get splinters from playing outdoors.

3. We especially liked the 25 or 30-year stain and fade warranty. (Note: TimberTech AZEK™ synthetic decking comes with a 50-year stain and fade warranty, the most extensive warranty in the industry.)

3. It’s beautiful … and our deck always looks GREAT!

5, Low-maintenance decks just don’t look the part, they perform the part too! Additional benefits of synthetic and composite decking include resistance to mold, mildew, scratches, insects, rotting, warping, and cupping.

Why “Low Maintenance” Doesn’t Mean “No Maintenance”

Low-maintenance decking boards are easy to clean with a hose or sponge. If you have a spill that won’t rinse right off, you can usually sponge it off with an ordinary household cleanser.

When you purchase a deck made of composite or synthetic materials, you’ll receive instructions about how to care for it. These instructions vary by manufacturer and also by product line in cases where a manufacturer offers more than one type of decking. You may be told to keep your deck free of decaying leaves, for example, by sweeping or blowing the leaves off periodically. Whatever the instructions, they will be nothing as onerous as sanding and staining or sealing. Not even close.

Archadeck of Southwest Houston is your Houston TimberTech deck builder, but if it sounds like we’re trying to push a more expensive deck on you, we’re not. We want to help you make an informed decision.

Living the Good Life in Southwest Houston – Outdoors

The concept of outdoor living is about enjoying the outdoor spaces at your home in a way that is relaxing and stress-free. Having any outdoor living structure – deck, porch, open patio, covered patio, outdoor kitchen, pergola, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pool, etc. – improves your quality of life. At Archadeck of Southwest Houston, we happen to believe that choosing a low-maintenance outdoor living space improves your quality of life even more. For you, that may look like a deck, or it may look like a patio – which is also a low-maintenance structure.

Now, for the ultimate low maintenance outdoor living space, consider a low maintenance deck and patio combination. And would you like an outdoor kitchen with that order?

Whatever outdoor living structures you desire for your home, we can design and build them for you. Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

Why choose a covered patio or open patio, when you can have both?

These Bellaire, Texas, homeowners were looking for a solution to get more time and better quality time in their backyard space. We gave them both a custom covered and open-air space to accommodate all their outdoor living needs.

This stately Bellaire home had a good back yard. It was beautiful and spacious already, but with only a small outdoor patio area, this family dreamed of something more. Archadeck of Southwest Houston helped them achieve so much more!

— Bellaire TX covered patio design by Archadeck of Southwest Houston.

Choose us to build your Houston patio!

With a desire to enhance their outdoor living enjoyment, this family chose to add a custom covered patio to their home, but this isn’t just any old patio. We designed a covered patio befitting their beautiful brick home. Anchoring this gorgeous design is a natural travertine patio floor, which extends from inside the covered area, out to the curvilinear patio outside. Palatial, round PermaCast fiberglass columns are not only a beautiful design feature for this patio but are also a low-maintenance option. Meaning, they will not require painting or upkeep through the years!

—Space for cooking, eating, entertaining, and relaxing!

If you’re looking for a way to get more use of your outdoor living space, consider the benefits of adding a custom outdoor kitchen! This patio will see more use with an outdoor kitchen that will keep the grill master safely under-roof, even in undesirable weather. How many times have you stood over a hot grill with no protection from the sun? This is a simple, yet effective solution to using your outdoor space in more ways, and more often!

—Outdoor kitchen with storage by Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Take a look at the details in this covered patio design!

Custom finishes, such as this tongue and groove ceiling, are hallmarks of an Archadeck covered patio. With virtually endless finish options, these ceilings are not only great to look at, but they accommodate all the outdoor living extras, like fans, lighting, and TVs.

— Added time in a more comfortable space outdoors – it’s what we aim to give all our clients!

What came before this beautiful Bellaire TX patio design?

Does your current backyard space look similar to this homes before photo? This was not a yard in need of something more beautiful – it was in need of amenities to allow these Bellaire residents better usability of their outdoor space. This yard is an example of a perfect nearly blank canvas for Archadeck of Southwest Houston, but a blank back yard might leave homeowners feeling bereft, asking, “What do I need?” We hope that this new covered and open patio design with outdoor kitchen helps you imagine how you would love to use your own back yard!

See our photo galleries for even more inspiration!

— Allow us to turn your blank space into something spectacular!

Would your home’s virtually blank outdoor space in the Southwest Houston area be more usable with a brand new custom patio design? Whatever outdoor living combination you desire for your home, we can design and build it. Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

Archadeck of SW Houston Adds Comfort to this Pearland, TX, Backyard Patio

Southwest Houston area homeowners: Would you agree or disagree with this statement? A patio without a patio cover is simply not complete!

As a Southwest Houston and Pearland, TX, patio builder, we have found that most homeowners who have an uncovered patio do plan to add a patio cover at some point. They fall into three groups:

1. They didn’t realize how much they would need a shade covering over their patio, so leaving the patio cover out of their original design was an oversight, or
2. They didn’t have a shade covering in the budget at the time they had their patio built – but plan to add it later, or
3. They purchased a home with an uncovered patio and plan to add a shade cover at some point.

What most Southwest Houston area homeowners realize is there are simply too many days when you cannot use a patio in full sun. And what about rain? If a storm comes through while you’re entertaining outdoors, will you have to run inside to stay dry? Will your party be ruined by a sudden pop-up shower?

A Large Patio Without a Shade Covering is Just a Big, Hot Place!

— Before,the patio was hot and unprotected.

These homeowners in Pearland, TX, had a patio outside their back door, but without shade they weren’t able to use it as much as they wanted to. It had even been enlarged. They had plenty of room for an outdoor dining table and chairs, a lounge area with comfortable chairs, a cocktail table, a metal fire pit and a BBQ grill. The dining table included a sun umbrella, but that didn’t provide enough shade and wouldn’t protect any area beyond the table itself.

— Plenty of room, with no relief from the sun!

Archadeck of Southwest Houston came to the rescue of our Pearland clients! After consulting with them about what they wanted to include with their patio covering, we designed and built a splendid cover that makes their patio much more usable during the warmer months. As you can see, it’s a solid, sturdy structure including a shingled roof that blends in with their home’s existing roof.

No Need for Roughing It With These Creature Comforts

The interior of the patio cover is a beautiful pine tongue and groove ceiling. And … when we build a roof and a ceiling, we then have the opportunity to install electrical wiring for even more creature comforts. In this case we added some recessed can lights and a ceiling fan with a light. This lighting, too, is an improvement because previously the only light they had for the patio was one lantern on the wall beside the home’s back door. Now they can eat outdoors after dark and see the meal on their plates! For convenience we also ran wiring to two of the patio cover’s support columns and installed electrical outlets there.

Solid Architectural Support Adds Visual Interest As Well

Structural elements that also make this patio cover visually appealing include stone around the base of the support columns and the open gable design at the end of the roof.

We built the base of the columns using cultured stone that mimics natural stacked stone and contributes to the sturdy feel of the structure. The open gable at the end of the roof includes a three-pronged architectural element called a king post truss. While this part of the structure helps support the weight of the roof, it also provides a rustic, decorative touch. And the open gable design allows for additional air circulation boosted by the ceiling fan – a huge improvement over an uncovered patio on a sweltering afternoon!

Let Archadeck of Southwest Houston Make Your Patio Beautiful

Finally, we added a decorative touch to the surface of the patio itself with a beautiful stain and stamp concrete design that looks like stone. The homeowners love it, and we do, too!

Altogether these Pearland, TX, homeowners now have a much more usable patio with protection from the sun’s rays, breezes from an overhead fan and light for after-dark visibility. Archadeck of SW Houston designs these high-quality custom details into every project we build.

Would your home’s outdoor space in the Southwest Houston area be more usable with a patio cover? We can also add an outdoor kitchen to that patio, taking your outdoor living experience to the next level. Whatever outdoor living combination you desire for your home, we can design and build it. Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

This Friendswood TX Backyard was Heightened to its Full Potential with the Addition of a Covered Patio and Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to getting the best use of your outdoor living space, Archadeck of SW Houston will custom-tailor a solution to explicitly address your needs. As you can see here, our designs are not only about usability, but also beautiful custom details.

This Friendswood, TX, family had a fantastic existing backyard with a large custom pool. They imagined themselves getting even more time by the pool with much-needed sun protection, a common request here in the Houston area. With substantial poolside space, Archadeck of Southwest Houston was able to design and build a large covered patio and outdoor kitchen outdoor living combination. Not only will they have a place of respite and entertainment, they now have a protected area with a built-in outdoor kitchen for cooking and eating under their covered patio. Talk about usable outdoor living space!

— Expansive Friendswood TX covered patio and outdoor kitchen.

Are you looking for a Friendswood TX covered patio builder? Call on Archadeck of Southwest Houston!

This Friendswood TX covered patio was constructed with a shed roof design, which complements the home’s existing roof lines, and allowed for easy attachment across the entire back of the home. The patio cover’s support columns are wrapped with stone for a rustic aesthetic that complements the stone of the built-in outdoor kitchen, as well as the home’s brick masonry underneath the patio cover. These Friendswood homeowners have enough space for cooking, eating, and relaxing under one shed roof! We envisage many a summertime celebration in this backyard space!

At Archadeck of SW Houston, it’s all about quality custom details!

— Custom pine tongue and groove ceiling in Friendswood, TX.

The Archadeck of Southwest Houston standard in outdoor living design and construction is obvious in the details of each and every project. This covered patio was generously designed to not just provide shade, but additional cooling capabilities by way of a finished pine tongue and groove ceiling. When an outdoor living structure’s ceiling is finished out, it allows us to install electrical capabilities for recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and TVs, all of which are included under this covered patio. These Friendswood, TX, homeowners now have a space they can enjoy day or night, and the cook will never be lonely with a TV overhead!

Request our free outdoor living design guide for inspiration for your new space!

When it comes to building your most usable outdoor living space, Archadeck of Houston will help you plan and design your ideal space. Tell us how you see yourself spending time outdoors. Tell us what activities you hope to do while you’re in your outdoor living area. Tell us your preferred design style. We have custom solutions for all your outdoor living needs.

Are you looking for a way to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living space in Southwest Houston with a covered patio or outdoor kitchen or both? We are your preferred Houston outdoor living builder. What outdoor living combination do you see yourself spending time in? Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Making a Good Pergola a Great Pergola with a Houston Outdoor Fireplace!

With consideration and ingenuity, Archadeck of Southwest Houston and this client improved upon an already good pergola to create a new one-of-a-kind pergola with outdoor fireplace.

Sometimes, we are met with the challenge of finding the “perfect spot” on a client’s property that will best accommodate their desired outdoor living project. Fortunately, when Archadeck of Southwest Houston arrived at this home, we had options for the best placement of the homeowner’s new stacked stone outdoor fireplace. While the homeowner had an existing pergola, we collectively determined that it would be better positioned in a larger area on the property to accommodate the new fireplace design. The result is bold and beautiful!

—Custom Tuscan pergola design with stacked stone outdoor fireplace in Houston, TX.

Looking for a Houston pergola builder? Call on Archadeck of Southwest Houston!

This Houston homeowner’s existing pergola/trellis was in an area on the property that was tucked away, in an L-shaped orientation. We all agreed to move and re-use these gorgeous Tuscan columns in the new pergola design. The pergola, apposed with this gorgeous stacked stone fireplace, creates a rustic, even classical aesthetic!

— The pergola columns were originally used around the homeowner’s water garden.

Archadeck of Southwest Houston built with stone materials that complement both the Tuscan columns and the new pergola roof. The custom mantel and gas lanterns are a mix of primitive and elegant, simple and ornate! Each design detail in this pergola-covered patio pulls its weight, creating a collective designer win for this Houston homeowner.

This Houston outdoor living project is one example of how Archadeck of Southwest Houston can work with you to design or re-design your outdoor living space. We can assist with decisions about the best placement of your new space, recommend the best outdoor living materials for your space and your lifestyle, and in some cases, even re-use elements from a previous outdoor living area. If you are looking to build a brand new outdoor living area, or improve upon the one that you have, we are ready to help you achieve your ideal in outdoor living!

— Are you ready to build your dream Houston outdoor fireplace?

Are you looking for a way to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living space in Southwest Houston with a pergola or outdoor fireplace or both? We are your preferred Houston outdoor living builder. Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

How Rainy Weather Affects Your Houston Outdoor Living Project Timeline

Many of our customers are frustrated that our recent rainy weather is wreaking havoc on the construction schedule for their outdoor living project. The deck or patio they had expected to be started by now has not begun yet. Why, why, why? We share your frustration and wish we could handle the weather as just another obstacle to be overcome, but we can’t. It’s Mother Nature, and she will not be handled.

Mother Nature has the upper hand!

You know the saying, The grass is always greener on the other side? If you have rain every single day, the grass is going to be greener on your side, too, and that is certainly the case here in SW Houston. Every. Single. Day. And we aren’t just having rain, the wet weather has also caused flood conditions in some areas. In addition, when dealing with inclement weather personal safety becomes a factor.

The reason we mention the weather is to acknowledge—and make you aware if you’re not already—that Archadeck of SW Houston IS a little behind schedule at this time. Not only does that affect the clients whose projects we are building right now, but it also affects those who are scheduled to come after them. It’s the proverbial domino effect.

We are doing what we can to move things along, but you must be aware that we cannot control or mitigate weather-related construction delays. For example, when heavy rains hit our job site, our crew rushes to cover work in progress and to secure materials and equipment including power tools. We don’t send a crew home because it’s storming. Since we all know the storm will pass fairly quickly, the crew waits for it to clear, and then they jump back into the job. There is still a delay while they uncover what they just covered, etc., before they can swing back into full building mode.

The crew doesn’t get advance notice of a shower bearing down. Weather in our area can move so erratically it’s hard for the meteorologists to predict where wet weather will strike. Once showers pass, it still takes time to set everything back up and get going again—turning a day’s work into a day and a half.

We Share the Same Goal: Providing You With The Outdoor Living Space You’ve Been Waiting For

As a company that derives joy from designing and building outdoor living projects our client’s LOVE, we understand your excitement. Of course, you are eager for your Houston patio, deck or porch project to be completed so you can start enjoying it. When we first give you a construction schedule, you know bad weather could be a factor, but until it happens to you, it’s not part of your reality.

We appreciate your patience as we get through these wet weather days. We share your frustration, and we want your project to be completed just as much as you do. Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Houston Custom Outdoor Fire Features are all About Increasing the Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Space

Archadeck of Southwest Houston will bring warmth and ambiance to your outdoor living area with a custom outdoor fire pit or fireplace.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the trend of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces explode onto the outdoor living scene. With folks preferring to spend more time relaxing and entertaining in their outdoor living spaces, that trend is fast becoming a staple. If you have an outdoor living area, such as a patio, deck or covered porch, and you wish you could spend more time there throughout the year, a custom outdoor fire feature is an ideal solution.

Archadeck of SW Houston is your preferred Houston outdoor fire pit builder.

Fire pits are such a simple solution to spending more time in your outdoor living space. They offer warmth and light to decks and patios and make perfect sitting areas to gather with friends and family. They can be enjoyed on summer nights or cool weather nights. They provide an open-sky setting and might give a more genuine feeling of being outdoors. Archadeck of Southwest Houston offers a variety of fire pit designs, such as sunken or low-to-grade incorporated into a patio or yard, or a top-mounted variety to sit atop an open deck, patio, or yard. You have a choice of wood burning or gas fire pits, depending on your preference – gas being the lower maintenance of the two.

Adding fire to your favorite outdoor spot is an automatic mood enhancer – there’s just something cathartic about sitting around a fire, watching the flames dance. Fire pits can also be beautiful, built with natural stone elements in a variety of colors. Round fire pits take on a more organic design aesthetic, while square ones might appear a bit more formal and decorative. Archadeck of SW Houston can help you design a fire pit to perfectly complement the design of your home and yard. From quiet backyard corners to large entertaining patios, we can help you achieve your ideal look.

Are you in search of a Houston outdoor fireplace builder?

If you are looking for a Houston outdoor fireplace builder, look no further than Archadeck of SW Houston. Our experts will deftly guide you through the planning and design process to create the most functional outdoor fireplace for your outdoor living space. Outdoor fireplaces invite us to enjoy fresh air even on crisp or inclement weather days. Not only are they beautiful and serve as a fantastic focal point on your covered porch or patio, but they keep us comfortably outdoors longer. If you long for fresh air and unencumbered views beyond summer and fall, an outdoor fireplace will fit the bill.

From a design standpoint, outdoor fireplaces lend themselves nicely to customization. We offer rustic stacked stone designs, classic brick, and limestone, just to name a few. If your fireplace will be inside a covered area, you might choose a tile surround, or a drywall finish above your fireplace. Covered porches and patios are also suitable spaces to mount a TV and make fantastic outdoor living areas for movie night with the family or gameday television. Beyond the style of your fireplace, we offer further customization with wood burning or gas options. Wood burning is a more classic choice, while folks are beginning to see the benefits of gas fire features, such as being lower maintenance and accommodating design elements, such as incorporating decorative glass blocks or colored glass beads for a more ambient appearance.

Are you looking for a way to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living space in Southwest Houston? We are your preferred Houston outdoor firepit and fireplace builder. Call us at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Now is the BEST Time to Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston about Adding a Patio … and More!

No time like the present, they say! Below are the 3 most important reasons you should take that sentiment to heart and call Archadeck of Southwest Houston this week. This very week! It’s time to stop thinking about it and start moving ahead with your outdoor living project. You will be so glad you made that call, and so will your family and friends!

As your southwest Houston patio builder, we want to get you outdoors enjoying your new patio as soon as possible!

SW Houston homeowners often pair a patio with other hardscapes—an outdoor kitchen, seating walls, a fireplace or fire pit. Pergolas, too! The crisp fall evenings coming up will convince you to listen to the call of the outdoors! Thinking ahead to next summer, would you prefer an open patio, a covered patio or one that is partially covered for shade and partially open to the sky?

You can have it both ways. The secret to designing a patio that is inviting and enjoyable all year ’round is to create an area for shade and an area for sunlight. How you dress it up from there is up to you, and we will show you oodles of options for that. Archadeck of Southwest Houston is ready to talk with you about what elements your ideal patio or combination outdoor living space will include.

What is a combination outdoor living space?

Ah, an excellent question, and one we are eager to answer. These are our favorite projects to design and build. We love seeing homeowners break out into smiles when we deliver our initial design for their new combination outdoor space. In southwest Houston, a combination outdoor living space usually begins with a patio—whether it’s made of pavers, natural stone or stain and stamp concrete—but it does not end there! No, for a combination space, the patio is just the beginning.

When we design a combination outdoor living space for you, we talk with you to explore everything you want from your new outdoor space. Each of our design-and-build projects is custom made for one home. Your home is unique and your outdoor living space will be, too. Here are some ideas you may want to add to your unique patio design:

Outdoor kitchen: Do you want to cook outdoors? Will a simple grill or smoker be enough, or is a full outdoor kitchen more to your liking? Keep in mind, those are not your only two options. Your ideal outdoor kitchen can contain as
many or as few features as you desire.

Covered patio: When you add a shade structure to your SW Houston patio, it immediately becomes more functional. With a roof—or a partial roof—you won’t be governed by the whims of weather, even rain and blistering sun. Under a roof you can include a big-screen TV so you can watch the games while cooking and eating outdoors.

Other shade options: A roof is simple and straightforward but not the only option offering shade. Pergolas are great for shade and are beautiful as well as functional. Pergolas themselves do not create total shade, however, so we have our ways of doing that! We can place a thermal polycarbonate sheet over the top of your pergola to block UV rays and reduce the amount of heat you feel under the pergola. These covers come in clear or tinted colors and many times you don’t even “see” them. It’s completely up to you how much shade you want.

Outdoor fire feature: Would you like an outdoor fireplace instead of an outdoor kitchen—or in addition to it? Nothing beats an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for ambiance after sunset. Family and guests will gather around the hypnotic flames and share quality time together talking about memories and creating new ones.

Now you have a better idea of what the phrase “combination outdoor living space” means. You can include as many or few of these patio embellishments as you want with your southwest Houston patio. Your dream, your design; we make it happen just like you want it.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Call Archadeck of Southwest Houston this Week!

If you don’t feel a sense of urgency to get started now, you should. The seasons are already changing! This is really the best time to add a new patio or combination outdoor living space to your home. Now.

1. We can’t finish before we start! The sooner you call, the sooner you will have the patio or outdoor living space of your dreams. While that sounds like so much common sense, think about it! Your new outdoor living space will not leap up, fully formed, the day you call us to schedule a design consultation.

First, we will meet so you can tell us about your dream patio. We always ask homeowners to consider all the ways they want to use their new patio so we can design the perfect outdoor living space for them. After the design consultation, if you choose to move ahead with the project, we need to place you in our schedule and order materials. It’s a process, step by step. We need to obtain building permits and assist you with HOA approval if it’s required.

Are you sitting on the fence? Whatever you do, don’t wait until you have a special event coming up to give us a call. We need some lead time! Do you want to start enjoying your completed patio by the end of fall? This winter? Next spring? Then you must call us now!

2. Lock in 2018 prices. The prices of building materials rise each year, usually in January. In 2019, with new trade tariffs, prices could increase more than usual. If you sign a contract before the end of the year to have Archadeck of Southwest Houston design and build your patio or combination outdoor living space, you will dodge 2019 price increases. We want you to get the best prices possible!

3. Just do it, to borrow a phrase. This reason ties into the first one, but with a subtle difference. Above, we are talking about deciding when you want to schedule the project and when you want to start enjoying it. Here we are talking about climbing out of the perfectionism trap. You can look at Pinterest and Houzz for months, finding one great idea after another, and never feel like you’ve seen every idea out there. New ideas come along every day! At some point you simply need to pick up the phone and talk with us. We have ideas, too. Give us a chance to listen to you, share our ideas and come up with the perfect outdoor living space for your family’s needs. Did we say “now”?

Now is the best time to move forward with your anticipated outdoor living project. Call us to talk about your southwest Houston patio or combination outdoor living space and schedule your free outdoor living design consultation. Call us at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Houston Outdoor Kitchens are Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Increasing the enjoyment of your outdoor living space is an inevitability when it comes to adding a custom kitchen.

Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties and cookouts for friends and family? Do you boast the best cooking chops in your social circle? Are you a culinary artiste? Perhaps you are more of a Sunday afternoon grill master or a connoisseur of the BBQ smoking arts. No matter your level of cooking, hosting, and entertaining, Archadeck of SW Houston will help you design the custom outdoor kitchen of your dreams – big, small, or somewhere in between.

Houston custom outdoor kitchens by Archadeck of SW Houston.

Houston outdoor kitchens are the perfect addition to your outdoor living combination. They work well with custom decks and patios to create an entire entertaining area for cooking, eating, and relaxing by a custom fireplace or fire pit after dinner. Outdoor kitchens are completely customizable – size and design choices and amenities abound! Houston outdoor kitchens can include conveniences, such as built-in grills and cook tops, smokers, warming drawers, food preparation areas, storage drawers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and yes…even the kitchen sink! If you’re looking for the ultimate custom kitchen and dining area, Archadeck of SW Houston can include specialty items, like wok rings, fryers, pizza ovens, and Kegerators.

Imagine holidays spent outdoors in your new outdoor kitchen. With all the conveniences of your indoor kitchen, you can host an event start to finish without stepping foot inside for a spatula or another bottle of wine. Outdoor entertaining isn’t just back yard barbecues anymore! It’s Thanksgiving turkey and every fixin’ served up beneath blue skies or on a covered patio by the fireplace. It’s birthdays and anniversaries and elaborate dinner parties prepared, served, cleaned up, and stored all outdoors. It’s bringing all your favorite people into an outdoor space for endless hours of enjoyment.

As the premier Houston outdoor kitchen builder, we aren’t just about the concept of outdoor living, we are about the evolution of the outdoor living experience! It’s all about the amenities and conveniences of your favorite indoor spaces bursting outside the walls of your home and becoming beautiful and functional areas that you or your family won’t ever want to leave. Whether you prefer just a simple grill and bar area, or the whole kitchen enchilada, Archadeck of Southwest Houston will design and build your ideal outdoor kitchen. We can provide a space that perfectly suits your home, lifestyle, and cooking style.

Simple or elaborate, outdoor kitchens bring us outdoors with those we love, and increase the value of the time we spend there. Are you looking for a way to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living space in Southwest Houston? Contact us today to schedule your free outdoor kitchen design consultation. Call us at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Homeowners Trade Palapa for Poolside Pavilion by Archadeck of SW Houston in Friendswood, TX

We are thrilled to show off this poolside shade pavilion we recently designed and built in Friendswood, TX. Even the greatest outdoor structures need to be replaced when they display a certain amount of wear and tear, which was the case here. The homeowners’ poolside palapa had seen better days. It was time for a change.

For those who don’t know, the palapa is a shade structure with a thatched roof made of palm leaves, bamboo, reeds or grasses. In addition to its function of providing shade, the palapa lends a tropical ambiance to an outdoor living space, whether that is residential or commercial. You may have seen palapas at restaurants, bars or resorts. The palapa is similar to a tiki hut, but the difference is a palapa is open on all sides, while a tiki hut is usually enclosed with walls on the sides. Just a technicality!

— Before Archadeck of SW Houston began the project

Either way, when the thatched roof is made of natural materials, after 4-6 years the thatched covering needs to be replaced with fresh thatch. In the case of this Friendswood property, however, the homeowners decided to start fresh with a completely new poolside pavilion made from wood and stone. For this project, they called on patio builder Archadeck of Southwest Houston to design and build the new shade structure they wanted on their patio.

New Structure, New Roof

Rather than a thatched roof, we built a gabled roof detached covered porch with shingles to match the roof on the client’s home. The structure is made of beautiful, warm cedar stained to give it a golden hue. The roof is supported by large beams on all four sides with a ridge beam running from front to back under the peak of the gabled roof. At either end of the open gable you can see a W-shape made of short beams. The vertical beam in the center supports the ridge beam, and the additional pieces on each side provide a decorative accent.

Looking up from the interior, the ceiling is made of beautiful tongue and groove cedar with a light stain. We added recessed can lighting and a ceiling fan with a nostalgic, lantern-like light fixture.

Stone for Stone, the “It Was Always There” Look

Supporting the roof and beams are four hefty cedar posts with the lower portion of each post wrapped in stone. We were able to match the style and color variations of the clients’ stone patio to visually tie the new structure in with the existing stone patio. As with all of our outdoor living structures, we wanted to make the new shade pavilion look original to the home.

The new poolside pavilion is freestanding and similar to a pergola but designed to provide complete shade as a poolside refuge for enjoyment on sunny days. It’s spacious inside with room for lounging, grilling and dining, depending on what type of furniture the homeowners add to give their new outdoor living space some indoor comforts for outdoors.

Are you looking for a way to increase shade and comfort on your Southwest Houston patio? Or maybe you need us to build the patio, too! Contact us today to schedule your free outdoor living design consultation. Call us at (713) 391-8613 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

This League City, TX Pergola Delivers More Than Just Aesthetics!

Our most recent pergola project takes us to League City, TX…

These homeowners have a spacious and inviting backyard pool that serves as a great way to cool off on those hot Texas days. Their property also sits close to a lake, which gives them pristine views from their backyard. However, in order to make the most out of their pool time, and the serene views, they needed not only a shaded area but one that also offered protection from the elements. Voila, Archadeck of Southwest Houston came to the rescue with a stunning wooden poolside pergola that delivers protection with high aesthetics!

How does this pergola protect, you may ask?

A pergola can be built in a way that offers more potential for shade depending on the specifications of its design. This is based on the distance between the cross beams that cover the upper portion of the pergola. The construction of the pergola can be made more conducive to providing shade through the spacing between the cross beams located atop the pergola and by using wider rafters in the pergola design. The closer the beams are set, or the wider the rafters, the more sun protection your pergola will offer. All of these factors are influenced by the intended placement of your pergola in correlation with the direction and amount of sunlight your location receives.

Taking the specifications of the design a step farther, Archadeck of SW Houston built this pergola with increased sun and weather protection in mind while keeping the original design of the pergola intact. We integrated a Polygal cover into the design. Polygal covers provide protection from rain and the sun’s UV rays. Polygal provides thermal insulation, so not only do you avoid getting sunburn from the sun’s UV rays, you also don’t feel as much of the sun’s heat.

We love working with Polygal because it’s lightweight, highly flexible and virtually unbreakable. It holds up in extremely windy conditions. Its UV protective layer not only protects you, it protects the Polygal itself from yellowing. These factors result in a pergola that provides shade, protection and ambiance to any backyard setting!

These League City, TX, homeowners are so thrilled with the outcome of their project they commented that the image reminds them of a picture postcard!

Looking for a way to add beauty, function and shade to your League City backyard? Contact us today to schedule your free outdoor living space design consultation, call us at (281) 761-2800 or email us at [email protected].

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Why You Should Call Archadeck Of Southwest Houston Today If A New Outdoor Living Space Is In Your Future

Is this the season you’re going to move ahead with the outdoor living project you’ve always dreamed of?
Are you tired of your aging patio with uneven bricks or cracked concrete?
Or maybe you have recently bought or built a new home to you that is void of any outdoor living space?

If 2018 is the year you want to upgrade or add a patio, deck or combination outdoor space you’ve dreamed of, don’t wait to call Archadeck of SW Houston to discuss your project. If you wait, your new project may be completed much later than you had hoped.

How long does it take to build a new patio, porch or deck?

This is the most frequently asked question from our clients. The answer to which can be as complicated as it is simple because building your new outdoor space may not take long, however, the process does take time. Any reputable builder will have a waiting list for start dates. In fact, if you contact a builder that claims they can start right away, tomorrow or even next week, be very wary. Good contractors are always in high demand and they will have a waiting list to get started. Just as we pointed out in our last blog article How Archadeck of SW Houston Makes Planning Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space Effortless if you do not choose an outdoor living structure specialist like Archadeck for your project you may learn that not all structures have a solid plan behind their construction.

Other factors that determine how long it will take for your new project to be completed?

In addition to the wait time that you can expect with any reputable builder, there are a number of steps in the design process. While each of these might not take a lot of time, cumulatively they can add up to several weeks.

The decision process

Once you call or email us, we schedule a time to visit your home as shortly after that initial point of contact as possible. A few days may elapse before we even meet. When you make your decision to move ahead, it may take a couple days to finalize your contract. After your contract is finalized, Archadeck pulls your permits and schedules the appropriate subcontractors such as electricians, painters or roofers that will play a role in bringing your project to fruition.

The finishing process

Yes, even the finishing process requires a little bit of time. Archadeck ensures that every job is properly inspected by the local inspectors. As you can see from the list above, the required steps in adding a custom-built structure or space to your backyard take time.

Begin the conversation now

Archadeck of Southwest Houston offers a free design consultation. Even if you may want your project finished later in the year, call now to begin the discussion to ensure your project gets on our production schedule to be ready to enjoy sooner rather than later.

To schedule your free consultation, call us at (281) 761-2800 or email us at [email protected] to set up your free design consultation.

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

How Archadeck of SW Houston Makes Planning Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space Effortless

At Archadeck of Southwest Houston, we make every aspect of creating your ideal outdoor living space easy and effortless. It all begins with the personalized design consultation and ends with the final walk-through of your completed oasis.

Unfortunately, if you do not choose an outdoor living structure specialist like Archadeck for your project you may learn that not all structures have a solid plan behind their construction, and many homeowners will decide to install a new addition without considering potential issues. They choose instead to rely on their own experience, their understanding of regulations and codes, and home improvement resources found at their local home improvement store, or online. This is a mistake.

What You Should Think About Prior to Getting Started

Your first consideration should be the placement, size, height, and overall design of your intended project. Would you prefer an attached structure or a freestanding one? Do you want distinct areas for different outdoor activities? For many SW Houston homeowners, this is the most enjoyable part of the design process so enjoy it and flex your creative muscle!

Once your design is finalized, we also finalize all of your material choices including the genre of materials you choose to use on your project, including hardscapes, woods, synthetics, amenities, porch ceilings, railings, pillars and beams, etc. Knowing what materials you want in your design enables us to give you an exact quote for your project. At that point, we can sign the contract and schedule your job.

It is also crucial to know early-on if the design you want will work in your space. That is why it is crucial to consult with your local government, whether that’s city, county, or state (in some cases), to make sure that your plans are in compliance with local building codes and zoning restrictions.

One part of this process Archadeck of Southwest Houston makes easy is the HOA approval process. We go as far as securing all the supplemental documentation needed to present to your Southwest Houston-area HOA for review. This includes all setbacks, materials, colors, placement and all descriptions including the scope of the project. In our effort to make your project effortless, all we need from you is the signature for submission.

We also secure any necessary permits and check that your plans are all within their rules. Also, keep in mind that if you want something that’s against the rules or out of bounds, we can help you prepare a variance as part of any appeals process that will still allow you to build your dream outdoor space — we are literally by your side every step of the way.

The most important factor for your new outdoor living project is when you first make the point of contact schedule your design consultation. The sooner you start the process, the sooner your new patio, deck, pergola, outdoor kitchen, covered patio, (or outdoor living combination space) will be completed. That’s why you should go ahead and get started now, while the outdoor living season is young. If you take steps now to begin setting up the project, you’ll be showing off your new backyard oasis in no time at all!

Download your free Design Guide to get started or contact Archadeck of Southwest Houston today to learn more. You can reach us at (713) 597-5285 or email us at [email protected] to set up your free design consultation.

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Don’t Let Next Year’s Memorial Day Cookout Sneak Up On You

Was your Memorial Day cookout satisfactory, or did you wish you had more outdoor living space and maybe even more shade? Picture yourself entertaining family and friends on your bigger and better covered patio with an outdoor kitchen at one end and an outdoor fireplace at the other. Picture your group of friends that gathers for every holiday cookout enjoying the shade of your poolside cabana with the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

— Is this how you spent Memorial Day weekend?

Let’s start with the first layer, the patio. Your patio will be the basis for your new, bigger and better outdoor living space. It’s a good idea to start with a bigger patio than you think you’ll need. When Archadeck of Southwest Houston talks with you about designing the patio, we’ll walk you through all of the different ways you might use your patio so we know how many distinct areas you’ll want to include.

The large patio: One space, many uses

While a patio is really one large space, in the design process we look at how you’ll use it and how “traffic” will need to flow through the space. If you plan to have a dining area (of course you will!), the space needed there is much more than just the size of the dining table. We’ll calculate the square footage needed based on the table size, how many people it seats and the space around the table so people can pull chairs out and walk behind them. That’s just one example of how we estimate the size patio you’ll need. Clients often want a separate lounge area apart from the dining area with sofa, chairs and a cocktail table or even recliners. What about a TV area for movie nights and sports programs? And if you’re including an outdoor kitchen, you need to factor in the space for the chef to maneuver around the cooking surfaces without guests bumping into him or her.

Stain and seal concrete or paver patio?

Have you thought about what kind of surface you want for that big patio? The most popular surfaces in the Southwest Houston area are stain and seal concrete and pavers. Stain and seal concrete is extremely versatile and goes with everything. We have such a wide selection of stain colors we can coordinate the patio color with other materials including the posts and beams for your patio cover. The same is true if you decide to install a paver patio. We have a vast selection of pavers from sleek and sophisticated to casual and rustic. We can use the same pavers to border your patio with a retaining wall that doubles as extra seating. We can also use the same pavers for your outdoor kitchen.

Bringing your indoor kitchen outdoors + grill and smoker!

Ah, the outdoor kitchen. As your southwest Houston outdoor kitchen builder, we will custom design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Do you want the bare essentials like a grill and refrigerator—keeping it simple? Or does your idea of the basics include a grill, smoker and griddle, warming drawer, fridge, freezer, sink, storage and prep space with granite counters? We can include a convection oven and a microwave. We’ll always include electrical outlets for the all-important blenders, too. With proper planning, there is no need to run back indoors for anything.

No southwest Houston outdoor living space is complete without ceiling fans, and that’s the beauty of having a covered porch. In addition to providing shade, the roof construction allows for electrical wiring to power up the fans and outdoor lights to set the mood for your space. Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, the creature comforts keep you comfortable while you enjoy the outdoors—the best of both worlds.

Everyone loves a fire to gather around

Did someone mention an outdoor fireplace? Your guests will be drawn by the pull of an outdoor fire regardless of whether it’s a wood fire or gas flame. Either way, it’s a hypnotic focal point and will be a hit with everyone in the family. Maybe you’re trying to decide between an outdoor fireplace and a smaller fire pit. Archadeck of Southwest Houston can talk with you about the design features available for each and help you decide which is right for you.

Pergolas, not an afterthought

One design element that sometimes gets overlooked and treated as an afterthought is the pergola. We recommend including a pergola in your southwest Houston outdoor living design from the beginning. One popular design combination includes a super large patio with a roof covering one portion while the remainder is open to the warmth of the sun. This is where a pergola comes in to provide some shade at the uncovered end. A pergola is visually pleasing and balances the overall space. Pergolas can also serve as a “getaway” space with a bench or chairs incorporated into the design. The pergola can be a relaxation destination or simply a visually-pleasing design element.

Picture your ideal outdoor living space

Have we given you any ideas for next year’s Memorial Day cookout with family and friends? Can you picture yourself here among the structures and amenities we’ve described? Whether you want to keep it simple or pull out all the stops, Archadeck of Southwest Houston is here to design the perfect outdoor living space—or spaces—for you and your family. If you have a pool, we can add a new patio as an extension of your pool surround and add the structures you’ve been missing for your guests’ comfort.

The time to start planning for Memorial Day 2019 is NOW!

If you want to open the summer season next year with a cookout that’s one for the books, the time to start planning is now! It’s never too early to give us a call so we can start working with you to develop design ideas. Let’s work out a timetable that ensures you’ll have your new and improved, bigger and better outdoor living space when you want it.

If you’re thinking about adding or expanding an outdoor space in Southwest Houston or the surrounding area, please call me, David Herbert, at (713) 597-5285 or email me at [email protected] to set up your free design consultation.

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Grillin' and chillin' in Southwest Houston -- Archadeck of SW Houston has an Outdoor Kitchen for YOU

How is your outdoor kitchen working for you? Is it big enough? Do you have enough room for food prep as well as grilling your dinner and chilling your beverages?

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen on your patio yet, that’s alright, we can help you with that!

Whether you’re building an outdoor kitchen from scratch or making your existing outdoor kitchen bigger and better, Archadeck of Southwest Houston is here to help make your outdoor grillin’ and chillin’ dreams come true. Archadeck of Southwest Houston is your outdoor kitchen contractor, and we specialize in backyard kitchen design. If you need a covered patio to go along with that new outdoor kitchen, great! We specialize in combination patio and outdoor kitchen designs, too!

Keeping it simple

Maybe you prefer to stick with the basics: Simply counter space and a grill or smoker. Some outdoor kitchen builders would try to talk you into up-sizing that plan, but not Archadeck of Southwest Houston. We see the appeal of keeping it simple. We can build you a cabinet with a beautiful stone face custom-fitted to your grill or smoker. Our smaller outdoor kitchen designs include counter space for food prep and look as professional as any super-sized outdoor kitchen, without the unnecessary complications. Maybe you want to add a refrigerator to that? It’s completely your decision: only what you need, and not one appliance more.

Taking it over the top

If bigger is better where you come from, then we have a super-sized outdoor kitchen for you. Because Archadeck of Southwest Houston specializes in backyard outdoor kitchens, we are familiar with the best of the best appliances, including the fabulous Kegerator and The Big Green Egg! We will design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams based on all of the elements you want to include. Just let us know the model or dimensions of each. Having a grill and a smoker side by side means you are prepared for anything. Add a refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, warming drawers and an ice chest — and don’t forget the Kegerator, too! We’ll build in plenty of counter space for food prep and add electrical outlets for your blenders, too. Extend that counter with room for bar stools so the food doesn’t have to travel far.

Building it wherever you’ll use it

If you are starting with a blank slate, let us design your combination outdoor kitchen, covered patio and screened porch as well. Screened porches are great for those buggy times when only screens can guarantee you’ll be able to eat your meal outdoors in peace! Or maybe you’re considering a poolside pavilion to house your new outdoor kitchen. Dining poolside is a special luxury, isn’t it? Just be sure to wait that 30 minutes after you eat before diving in!

Regardless of the size of your outdoor kitchen, we will help you choose materials from an extensive selection of stone facing and countertops including beautiful Lueders stone counters or an upgrade to granite. We highly recommend including task lighting to keep your outdoor kitchen safe. Subtle lighting built into your outdoor kitchen and dining areas can enhance your dining experience.

If you’re thinking about adding or expanding an outdoor kitchen in Southwest Houston or the surrounding area, please call me, David Herbert, at (281) 761-2800 or email me to set up your free design consultation.

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Bringing Pergolas to Southwest Houston, One Patio at a Time

If we could offer one piece of advice for anyone considering a new patio in SW Houston, it would be this: Don’t overlook the importance of shade! Too often, shade is addressed as an afterthought. For us to create the most effective design for your outdoor living space, it’s a good idea to include a shade solution in the initial design. This is true whether you want a paver patio, a flagstone patio or a concrete stamp and stain patio. It’s also true if your patio design will include an outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fire feature.

When the sun is beating down on us here in Southwest Houston, we crave shade, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. When we first sit down with you to talk about what you have in mind for your outdoor living space, we’ll ask you how you want to plan for shade.

One of the most popular shade structures in Texas is the pergola, and Archadeck of SW Houston is your Houston pergola builder. We can show you many options for using a pergola as a design element in your outdoor living structure, but even more important, you can use it to create shade outdoors for your family.


We’ll talk about the design aspect in a moment, but first, let’s focus on creating shade. If you’re familiar with the basic pergola, you know that it has vertical elements (columns) and horizontal elements (lintels, purlins and slats). Because the horizontal elements are overhead, people generally perceive them as creating shade, but there are some holes in that perception. Yes, literally, holes. Because of the spacing between purlins, and the spacing between slats, sunlight continues to shine through a pergola.

It’s true we can work with the angle of the sun’s rays to maximize shade during much of the day. The way we do that is to orient the pergola so that the rafters run from north to south. (This is why we prefer to design the pergola at the same time we design the overall project.) Around the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead, the north-south orientation of the pergola does not matter. At that time, a pergola simply cannot provide much protection from sun’s heat and UV rays.

We have a solution! We can cover the pergola with a sturdy but flexible sheet of plastic to block the sun’s direct heat and UV rays while still allowing light to come through. The covering we use is called Polygal, and it comes in several thicknesses and colors, giving you options for the amount of light you let in. Regardless of the color you select (including clear) and the amount of light you let in, the Polygal covering will block UV rays, protecting you from the sun’s most damaging effects.

When your pergola provides shade all day long, it truly does become your refuge. Even better, we can install a ceiling fan under the pergola! Archadeck of SW Houston has your comfort in mind. The more comfortable you are in your outdoor living space, the more you’ll enjoy it. That’s the point, right?


An added benefit of a covered pergola is protection from rain. You’ll love the ability to plan outdoor parties and not have to worry about rain driving you and your guests indoors. Rain can be so unpredictable!


Now for the fun part. Pergolas are attractive and add visual impact to any outdoor living space. We’ve seen pergolas that look almost lacy and some that are beefy beyond belief. There’s a wide range in between, and what makes the difference is the size of your posts, beams, rafters and slats. The larger your building materials, the beefier your pergola.

Speaking of materials, when we design your Southwest Houston pergola, we’ll go over the various materials we can use to build it so you can decide which you will give you the look you desire. The low-maintenance choice would be either composite decking materials or PVC. Low-maintenance decking boards come in a wide variety of colors, so we can match or contrast your patio colors, whichever you prefer. PVC is great because it takes paint very well, so you can have an even broader array of color options. Many of our clients prefer a wood pergola, and cedar is a very popular choice. Cedar will weather to a soft, silvery gray color, so keep that in mind. If you’re thinking of the rusty brown color of cedar, you’ll need to stain and seal your pergola periodically to keep that color intact.

Pergolas offer more than shade, too. We’ve already mentioned hanging a ceiling fan from the pergola. Outdoor lighting works especially well in a covered pergola and doubles the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor living structure without being left in the dark. We’ve also seen homeowners hang colorful scarves or curtains from a pergola, which seems wonderfully mysterious. The neighbors will never know whether you chose that décor for privacy or for a deliciously exotic ambiance.

When you design your patio with a pergola in mind, you have the opportunity to include other design elements under the pergola such as stone benches, a dining table and chairs or a hot tub or spa. Whatever you choose, with a covered pergola, your activities under the pergola will not be hampered by rain or the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Are you ready to talk about building your new pergola—and an amazing patio to go along with it? If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor living space to your home in Southwest Houston or the surrounding area, please call me, David Herbert, at (281) 761-2800 or email me to set up your free design consultation.

David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Archadeck of Southwest Houston!

Would you rather work with a seasoned builder with more than 12 years of construction industry experience under his belt, or an outdoor living design-and-build company that’s been around since 1980? The answers to that question are Yes! and Yes! because you’ll find both to be true when you talk with Archadeck of Southwest Houston about designing and building the next outdoor living project at your home.

My name is David Herbert, and while I have those years of construction industry experience, I’m your Southwest Houston representative for Archadeck, a company that’s been growing strong for 38 years. Longevity isn’t our only claim to fame. We are North America’s #1 designer and builder of outdoor spaces.

Archadeck of SW Houston wants to be YOUR Houston patio builder. We specialize in Houston patios and hardscapes, so we want to know, what’s your preference? What kind of patio would you choose, one made with pavers, natural stone or stained and stamped concrete? We love them all. We’ll take one of each. We’re also passionate about our covered patios, and here’s why: You can enjoy a covered patio in any weather. The covered patio offers protection from UV rays as well as rain. Your parties do not have to be rained out.

We also specialize in outdoor fire features like fireplaces and fire pits and outdoor kitchens. Take a look at some of our projects and let us know which ones you might like at your home.

Archadeck is known for designing and building high-quality outdoor living structures including decks, patios and hardscapes, outdoor fire features, outdoor kitchens, porches and pergolas. We also excel at combining any number of those structures to create the perfect deluxe outdoor space for you and your family. If you dream it, we can build it.

Archadeck is also known for the way we do business. Professionalism, integrity, respect and high standards are not just buzzwords to us. These characteristics are built into our processes.

Like all Archadeck locations across North America, we offer a free design consultation so we can meet with you at your site and listen to everything you want in your outdoor space. Our competitive edge is our approach to design. We have local teams of Design Consultants across North America (including Southwest Houston!) who specialize in creating custom projects for our clients’ outdoor living spaces.

Archadeck’s local offices, like Southwest Houston, offer the best of both worlds. Each local office is staffed by trained professionals with an in-depth knowledge of local building codes and trends, and every location has access to Archadeck’s national support network and established manufacturer relations. We’re very proud of the fact that Archadeck is currently ranked as the top deck and porch builder in the U.S. by Qualified Remodeler magazine and is regularly featured on HGTV. And we have the best warranty in the business.

Are you ready to get to work? If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor living space or structure to your home in Southwest Houston or the surrounding area, please call me, David Herbert, at (281) 761-2800 or email me to set up your free design consultation.

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