What We Build Houston Outdoor Living Space Combinations

What do potato chips and outdoor living spaces have in common?

Outdoor living structures are a lot like potato chips, you can arguably agree that just like America’s favorite snack, it is difficult to stop at just one!

—Outdoor living structures are a lot like potato chips: it is difficult to stop at just one!

There is no denying the appeal of what is now referred to as the outdoor living space combination. An outdoor living space combination marries the function, and aesthetic elements of two or more outdoor structures to allow them to function as one large space. You may also see these versatile spaces referred to as “outdoor living rooms” throughout the media. Archadeck of Southwest Houston has watched the popularity of this type of outdoor living environment soar to new heights recently, as SW Houston-area homeowners have evolved to transferring the assets seen in interior casual living outdoors.

To try to grasp the concept itself, you only need to step into your home and consider the parts of your home you turn to for relaxing ( the living or family room, of course), entertaining ( the dining room, most likely) and other recreational activities you enjoy ( the living room, fireplace, kitchen or playroom.) Now simply, take those areas and think about moving that function outside, and marrying it to provide multiple functions and voilà… you have mastered the concept behind the appeal of the outdoor living combination space!

The Houston Deck & Patio Combination

Decks are the epitome of outdoor living spaces. They are as American as apple pie, and most homeowners begin their outdoor living combinations from the deck and branch out. Decks complement almost every outdoor living structure, from pergolas to patios, decks afford the accompaniment beautifully. Patios in particular, look and function the part when used in a deck and patio combination. This is due to the natural flow created when a deck gently descends into a patio. It opens up and extends your outdoor living space, along with enhancing it.

There are more factors at work here than just the added space a deck and patio provide, much more. Decks are generally built from wood or a natural looking “wood toned” synthetics, whereas patios are built from pavers, scored and stained concrete, stone or hardscape materials that emulate the look and feel of stone. Wood and stone are elements that flow well together. Even in nature, if you look closely you may catch the beauty of a babbling brook laden with stones and hardwoods weeping gently over the bank. Wood and stone just naturally look great when fused together in any setting!

The Deck & Covered Patio/Porch Combination

Now it is time to consider adding the convenience of shade to the outdoor living combination space equation…

Deciding on a patio and/or deck alongside a covered outdoor structure is for the Houston homeowner that wants to “have their cake and eat it too.” Decks and patios offer open-air outdoor living which are easily complemented by retaining walls, pergolas, spas and even outdoor fire pits.. The only drawback to an open-air outdoor living space singularly is that in some circumstances, the weather can influence its functionality.

By combining an open (covered) area with a patio or deck, you and your family will have a haven to retreat to when the weather becomes unfavorable, and a shady spot to enjoy on even the most humid of days. Houston covered patios and porches can be designed to include a large menu of creature comforts such as ceiling fans, lighting, outdoor kitchens, integrated fireplaces and media connections to add even more comfort.

Houston Pergolas

In addition to decks, patios and porches there are many more outdoor living structures that make the grade as part of a successful union. Among these is the pergola. Pergolas are the one structure that blends seamlessly with any outdoor setting. Pergolas can be used as a shade structure much like a covered porch, and can also be used solely as an aesthetic feature to add dimension and character to a space. Pergolas also make a beneficial privacy barrier alongside a spa deck aiding as a buffer from prying eyes.

Houston Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are also a tasty accompaniment to most any outdoor living space. They can be easily integrated into a deck or patio setting, poolside, or even within an attached or freestanding porch setting. Having the added capability to prepare food outdoors for gatherings, or even intimate dinners, as well as plenty of seating, adds to the function of your outdoor space and opens the door to endless entertaining possibilities.

Our outdoor kitchen designs often include ranges, refrigerators, warming drawers, and much more! Archadeck of Southwest Houston can even design serving and food preparation areas to give you more options similar to that of an “eat in” interior kitchen with plenty of counter space where you can add bar stools for additional seating or use as an outdoor bar area.

Houston Screened Porches

Taking the cues from the deck and porch, or patio and porch combination, homeowners can also extend the protective benefits even farther with a screened porch. Screened porches offer shade and protection from inclement weather while also preventing insects and less dirt and pollen to enter the area. Screened porches can be designed to function similarly to an interior room including sound systems, fans, electrical outlets, outdoor fireplaces and even a spot to mount a television. These nuances open up a world of possibilities within an outdoor living combination.

If you have a vision of your ideal backyard and need help marrying the function and versatility you are looking for we can bring the backyard of your dreams to life! Contact Archadeck of SW Houston today at (281) 761-2800, or via email at [email protected].

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